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Mobile Holder Lanyards

we offer a large selection of high-quality lanyards in a variety of materials, colors, widths and attachment options. Our extensive range of standard and customized promotional items gives us the ability to provide products that are perfect for every circumstance. With every kind of lanyard from polyester and woven to tube and nylon in stock, we can tailor your ideal product in a very short time.

Product Description

Mobile Holder Lanyards

Mobile  Holder Lanyards are ideal to house your mobile phone safely and in style when you have other things on hand or perform tasks. This phone holder lanyard is designed for protection in the first place, but to satisfy the stylish purpose, JIAN offers many Pantone color options and lanyard accessories for you to create your own lanyard. It is proven to be a fantastic giveaway item for promotions, festivals, parties, concerts. Send your lanyard designs to make your cool lanyards now!




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