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Cord Lanyards

we offer a large selection of high-quality lanyards in a variety of materials, colors, widths and attachment options. Our extensive range of standard and customized promotional items gives us the ability to provide products that are perfect for every circumstance. With every kind of lanyard from polyester and woven to tube and nylon in stock, we can tailor your ideal product in a very short time.

Product Description

Cord Lanyards

Cord lanyard is one of the most economical promotional lanyards in our factory. It comes at a low cost and is applicable for different lanyard designs. You can have personalized lanyards with printed or woven logo or text on it. All the details will not be worn off easily. Besides, because our cord lanyard is made from polyester, it is very comfortable to wear.

We also provide upgraded lanyard accessories such as badge reel, card holder, and other special attachments to meet your personal requests. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our cord lanyard or any question you may have about it




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